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Cleaning-General Cleaning, Maintenance Cleaning, Ironing, Cleaning, Disinsection, Disinfection, etc.

Delivery-Food Delivery, Parcels, Envelopes, Shopping, etc.

Assemblig Furniture -Ikea, Dedeman, Mobexpert etc.

Painting And Construction-Wall Repair, Tile Installation, Tile, Plaster, Masonry, etc.

Home Repairs – Installation of Pictures, Mirrors, Curtains, Blinds, Blinds, Furniture Repairs, Insulation Repairs, Central Heat Installation, Parquet Installation, Radiator Installation, Yale Repairs, Central Installation, etc.

Gardening-Lawn Mowing, Grooming Gardens, Trees, Landscaping, Planting, Digging etc.

Transport-People, Goods, Airport Transfer, Furniture Transport, Rubble, Vegetable Waste Transport, Removals, Home Appliances Transport, etc.

Electrical Repairs-Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Televisions, Hoods, Socket Mounting, Switch Mounting, Chandelier Mounting etc.

Sanitary Repairs-Sanitary Installations Repairs, Bathtub Installation, Sinks, Shower Enclosures, Clogging, Drainage, Radiator Installation, Radiator Clogging, etc.

Education And Personal-Baby Sitter, Teachers, Meditations, Handicap Companion, Housekeeper, Event Staff, Tourist Guide, Urban Guide, Personal Assistant, DJ, Photographers, Musicians, etc.

Cosmetics-Haircut, Thought, Hair Removal, Painting, Nails etc.

IT-Web Developer, Developer, Web Designer etc.

Volunteering-Free community service

Adoptions-Animal adoptions

Donations-Donations of clothes, furniture, appliances, etc.

Auto-Car Towing, Car Repairs, Boilermaking, Car Battery Installation, Driver etc.

We also have a section with permanent jobs offered by employers.